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This football website for PAID PICKS is created from small group of tipsters,punters from Europe. In the begining we were very good football punters with huge knowledge, experience, betting strategy and discipline.

NB: you must know that discipline is very important if you want to be successful football bettor.

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We advise users to buy at least 2 football predictions per day for maximum profit. Of course 3 is better but it depends from your bankroll and your money management system.

We accept payments with VISA, SKRILL (former Moneybookers) and Paypal.

When we united our skills and strategies we became profitable football tipsters. Until then we were participating in different websites for paidfootball predictions. After a while we decided to cooperate and do what we can do best – good football predictions. This is a nice product of our work and we do our best for customer satisfaction and success.

We don`t claim that we are the best tipping team, but one of the best in Europe and good enough to make profit with ourfootball tips.

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If prediction is lose, void or bet is canceled we charge your account with another football prediction as replacement.

Why you should buy our football tipsOur union of european football tipsters and pro-punters release bestfootball tipsthat bring good winning rate, yield and of course profit. In the near future we will offer to our clients combo tips for professional football betting. Some of experienced football bettors are well known with this betting but for good results you need quality football predictions. So stay on-line and follow ourfootball picks.

How to bet on cup competitions with best football tipsFootball has always been worldwide famous sport. That is why there are also so many football bettors playing and betting exactly on that sport, without using football predictions and hoping that this time they will guess who the winner is. But most of them neglect cup competitions. Perhaps this is due to the way football managers lead their teams. They prefer drawing their attention towards league competitions because the revenues that come with them are much more appetizing. You should know that our football tipsters use those factors on cup competitions and release good football tips.

So football managers have their reasons, but for football punters domestic cup competitions should be as rewarding as the rest. And because they know these teams better, they can use the knowledge and bet on them with greater confidence and achieve better football predictions.

You need to understand what the format and the rules of competitions are, and get right football picks for those cups. Even though it may be obvious to most people, you need to understand that there are different rules for all competitions. There can be only slight differences but they can have great impact on the football matches of individual teams. If a person can understand how a certain soccer team is going to set up in a match, this could be quite important when determine what the outcome will be. The structure that is common for most of the football leagues around the world is called round robin, the usual format for cup competitions is knockout. That means that even one loss for the team could be the end of its participation. For some football cup competitions there could be double elimination rounds. It is also common for some cups to have two legged ties in the latter stages. We can take for example Englands FA Cup – drawn matches are being decided by a replayed match which is very good if you buy draw football predictions.

That is why we need to be sure about the qualifying parameters before placing a bet on the cup matches. Is the team going to set up differently according to these parameters? When we talk about two legged tie format, the team usually prefers to take a draw in the first leg, and when they are playing on their home terrain they try to win this second and decisive football match as mentioned ingoogleor similar football sites with advices. Quite often the thing that can finally decide the match is away goals. Sometimes when the team had won the first soccer match and it has an away goal then, it can even loose the second leg and still go forward to the next round. And it could be a good opportunity to bet when there are busy periods of fixture congestion. In such a situation larger sides are usually trying to avoid a replay and they want to put the smaller team on their place, but could make a mistake and leave themselves open on the break. So these are just a few examples about different rules for domestic cup competitions and how they have an impact over the individual teams. The best thing will be if you can use all that football knowledge in a smart way for your bets and football tips.

5 hours and 55 minutes to startKick-off:3 03 2018, 13:00

3 hours and 55 minutes to startKick-off:3 03 2018, 14:30

5 hours and 25 minutes to startKick-off:3 03 2018, 20:00

10 hours and 55 minutes to startKick-off:3 03 2018, 15:00

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